Styling Mustard with Quiz


I feel like the first thing I should say is that my brother picked this outfit and as much as I love a blazer, this outfit was very much out of my comfort zone… But when Quiz Clothing got in touch and asked me if I would be willing to let my brother style me, I took them up on the opportunity!

You’ll realise from my instagram that I love party dresses. They’re very much what I feel comfortable in and let’s be honest - they’re an easy outfit! So when I saw the colour of these mustard trousers, I was a little bit nervous - because your gal doesn’t suit mustard. But I genuinely quite like these trousers! They were incredible comfortable to wear and I really loved the wide leg flared style.

Paired with a striped t-shirt gave them a real casual look, even though they could totally be dressed up! I’m not quite sure that the blazer matches, but I think if the blazer was worn with some black jeans and a cami, it would have serious Chanel vibes which I am very much into!

Even though I’m 5”9, the trousers were surprisingly long so if I was to wear them again, I think they would look great with some serious heels as part of a night out look.

Ellie Dickinson