Summer Party Gifting Ideas

Summer is a prime time for parties, whether it's a bridal shower, baby shower, or simply an evening BBQ. With the sun beating down (hopefully), and long evenings, there is nothing better than getting together with friends to celebrate an occasion!

But gifting can often be tricky - especially when you don't want to be the tenth person to bring yet another bottle of win or another bunch of flowers. So here are some options, organised by occasion to keep the gifts fresh and exciting!

Baby Shower

I'm starting to hit that age where my friends are getting married and I know that for some, baby showers are right around the corner. But your friends can only receive so many baby books - and there's always a chance for receiving multiple! Gifts Less Ordinary has an awesome range of incredibly unique gifts that are entirely personal. Whilst obviously there is nothing wrong with a baby book or onesie, there's something so special about a personalised gift and I'm sure it's something the mum-to-be will treasure.

Bridal Shower

Again, I always think a failsafe option is to go with a personalised option - and gifts relating to the date of the wedding are always a surefire hit! But make sure not to clash with your wedding gift - or better yet, have them sync!

Summer Party

Gifts for summer parties are definitely not necessary, but in the case that it is a bit more fancy and is a birthday, it's important to think about the person or couple hosting and choose something they'd love. No point buying them a snazzy bottle opener if they're teetotal...

But if you're looking for unique gifts, don't forget to try Gifts Less Ordinary to suit whatever occasion!

This is a collaborative post.

Ellie Dickinson