The Summer Refresh with Christy Towels

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One of the greatest moments in life is climbing into bed at the end of the day. And of course, there's nothing better than knowing you've achieved a hotel aesthetic level bed. 

And I think I've finally achieved it.

I'm a huge advocate for fairly plain bedding - in fact until recently, I nearly always went for plain white bedding, which is so easy to take care of as I just chuck a load of Vanish into the wash with it hence meaning it's always bright and white. But it's handy having another colour in the mix, simply for those days where white bedding might not be ideal (...if you get my drift).

And this Rainforest set from Christy Towels is ideal. Because I'm currently in a room with blue walls, I wanted to go for a fairly neutral toned colour, hence why greys toned leaf print was perfect. Palm leaf print is hugely popular at the moment and where a bright green coloured set of bedding wouldn't work, this set is ideal. (Please note the lack of throws as it's been bloomin' humid lately!)

What are your favourite ways to refresh your room?