4 Ways to Update Your Space for Summer

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appleyard flowers. life of ellie grace. manchester, uk beauty and style blog. manchester blog. uk beauty blog. uk lifestyle blog. manchester lifestyle blog.

Summer is definitely here. I feel like I can finally say it without the risk of jinxing it because I've been in dresses and skirts for the past few weeks, and for us Brits, that's definitely summer. So with embracing the heat, I thought I'd compile my favourite ways to update your space ready for summer (without having to spend too much!)

1. Fresh sheets.

I have three sets of bedding, a darker set and two lighter ones - and in summer, I always go for the lighter option. Not only does it keep your room fresh and bright but a light colour can prevent your room from looking too dark - which is definitely something you'd want to avoid in the summer months! I'd suggest looking for 100% cotton mixes because they're ideal for the heat - whereas artificial fabrics could cause you to sweat.

2. Include some plant life or fresh flowers.

I'm already a huge fan of fresh flowers but there's something very summery about a bunch of flowers! My personal favourite bouquets are always green and leafy with neutral or pastel colours, just like this Appleyard London Purity Bouquet*! The bouquet includes roses, bouvardia, white blooms and eucalyptus and is such a fresh and bright bouquet that it truly transforms the space! I love Appleyard as a company and have had flowers from them before and they're really a joy to work with! The bouquets are really good sizes (even if you go for a smaller one) and the quality of the flowers is really high. Would 100% recommend ordering a bouquet for a #TreatYoSelf moment...

3. Deep Clean.

I try to deep clean my room at least once a month - this means wiping the skirting boards, cleaning the top of cupboards, wiping down bed slats - the works. I also normally spray my curtains with febreeze - just to give them a freshen up! With it being summer (and spider season), I'd also suggest brushing the outsides of your windows and getting rid of any cobwebs. It really makes a difference and means that all the difficult and fiddly bits of your space are sorted! It's also a good idea to sort through your kitchen and get rid of any out of date food.

4. Sort out your wardrobe.

Summer is the best time of year to go through your winter wardrobe - if you haven't worn it in the past year, get rid of it. If you're planning to sell on any clothes, I'd suggest keeping hold of them till the colder months as that's when people will start shopping. Going through your wardrobe also makes you aware if there's anything you may be missing for this season!

5. Update soft accessories.

Can you tell I'm not an interiors blogger? Summer can be a great chance to update pillows and throws - why not switch from neutrals to some new textures and bright colours? I switch my thicker throws to lighter blankets and go for suede textured cushions instead of my favourite white fluffy cushion. Not only will these be more comfortable in the heat, but it's a great chance to give everything a wash! 

Do you update your space in the summer months or do you just let it be? Let me know if there are any seasonal updates you make!