COMPETITION: Follow Susino on Facebook for a Chance to Win a £50 Susino Voucher!


It may be almost summer in the UK but that doesn't mean that there won't be the chance of rain... And why spoil a cute summer outfit with a dull or cheap umbrella? I must have about four or five different umbrellas - and in a variety of shapes and patterns so that I can switch up my look. And as I live in Manchester, believe me - it's not excessive in the slightest! (Better safe than sorry!)

Susino is a company that wanted to create more than just a functional umbrella - they created umbrellas that work well and are a fashion statement! They have umbrellas for all sorts of styles (from bag sized to Golf domes) and they come in a range of styles too - so you can have a different one for every handbag (and match them to your outfit...)! 

Personal favourites of mine include this Blue Paisley wind resistant Umbrella and this Compact 'It Can't Rain All the Timeoffering. Umbrellas are probably one of the accessories that you'll find yourself using the most, yet at the time time, probably don't think about much! 

And to give back to their customers, they're currently running a competition on their facebook page where you can win a £50 Susino voucher! All you have to do is like & follow them on Facebook. 

More details of the competition can be found on their website and don't forget to check all the terms & conditions and get liking! 

A £50 voucher will stretch to more than one brolly so it's the perfect opportunity to either buy a matching one for your friend or pick something up for your kids. Whats not to love!

**Open to UK Residents ONLY**

Ellie Dickinson