Having a Hair Refresh at Toni&Guy Didsbury

Don't get me wrong, I know there are good hairdressers out there but my Britishness often overwhelms me and I find myself sat in the hairdressers chair, unable to actually say what I want - maybe because I lose my confidence or maybe because hair salons can often be quite intimidating... So when Toni&Guy in Didsbury offered me the chance for a hair cut & blow dry, I was initially apprehensive. But I had no reason to be.

I've never been so happy with a haircut in my life - and no this post is not sponsored, it's my complete and honest opinion. I know it sounds like an exaggeration but there's always something I'm never quite happy with - I always just want to mess my hair up a bit! The Manager, Sally, did my hair and she really listened to what I want. In some ways I might be a hairdressers worst nightmare as I never want anything extreme, I like my hair quite long and natural - I'm also all about the texture & volume which when someone's spent ages blowdrying pin straight can be the worst thing to ask for.

All I wanted was a bit more shape and a trim and Sally nailed it. In the best way possible, my hair felt like me. I didn't have the urge to go home and wash it or to spritz it with product- it was what I would want my hair to look like on a daily basis. Textured but put together - almost bed head. Sally was absolutely lovely and so personable - not forced in the slightest so the experience as a whole was just lovely. There's nothing I dread more than the prospect of forced small talk so it was refreshing to have someone who was so naturally easy to chat to! 

If you're in the Manchester area I would highly recommend trying Toni&Guy in Didsbury and definitely ask for Sally! (Sidenote: she has the best pink hair!). Their number is 0161 445 5466 so I would highly recommend a visit. (Not had colour done there but my mum has and she always has Gareth of whom she thinks is brilliant!)

Thank you so much Toni&Guy Didsbury for having me. I'm so happy!

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