Vegas First Timers: Read This!



If you’re visiting Vegas for the first time, you're in for a treat! Each state has its own unique personality and things to see and do, but Vegas is great for those who love bright lights, great food, awesome hotels, pool parties, and partying in general! There are a few things you should know if you’re visiting Vegas for the first time, so read on to learn more…

The Pool Parties Are Out Of This World

One of the things that Vegas is famous for is the pool parties. There are lots of hotels that host pool parties for visitors, and one of the most famous is the Hard Rock Hotel pool party. People like Justin Bieber come here to enjoy the music and the madness! If you want to witness something spectacular, make sure you book your tickets in advance.

Take Advantage Of Free Drinks

If you’re in the hotels/casinos, don’t buy your drinks - you’ll spend a fortune. Instead, take advantage of the free drinks. Servers will bring free drinks to you if you’re using the machines. You don’t need to be staking much, either. You could be taking your time, spending as little as possible, and they will still bring you all the free drinks you want. This is their way of trying to get you to stay spending money, so be smart and know when to quit.

It’s Super Hot

Pretty much all through the year, it’s boiling hot in Vegas. It can reach temperatures of 38 degrees. Make sure you take cool clothes and carry water with you everywhere you go. Be smart about how you dress, or you could easily become uncomfortable - especially if you plan on walking places. The only time Vegas isn’t ridiculously hot is during December-February, where it can actually drop below freezing. Make sure you pack accordingly.

There Are A Ton Of Hotel/Casinos To Visit

There are so many hotel/casinos to visit, you shouldn’t attempt to visit them all. Make sure you do your research in advance so you know which ones you’d really like to see. Some of them do spectacular food, others have rides on the top floor, and others have mini countries inside of them. They really are incredible. You don’t have to stay in the most expensive hotels to have a great time, though. Places like Marriott's Grand Chateau can still offer luxury, and you are free to visit the other hotel/casinos as and when you want to.

It’s Easy To Get Lost

Although Vegas is technically two streets, as the hotels are so big, it can be tough to know where you came in and where you are when you get out. Getting your bearings can be tough, so it might help to grab a map or download an app in advance.

Look For Donut Happy Hour

Krispy Kreme donuts can break the bank, but look for happy hour in certain hotels and you’ll get them for a dollar. Keep your eyes peeled!

Ready to tackle Vegas? Have fun

Ellie Dickinson