5 Tips for Visiting Paris


It’s been over 5 years since I visited Paris and I still find myself dreaming about returning. Fortunately, because we visited as a touristy whirlwind visit, there are several tips that stay in my mind upon reflection. So I thought I’d summarise the 5 tips if you’re planning to visit and my favourite things to do in Paris.

  1. Research.

    Like any big tourist destination, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do - and if you’re overwhelmed, it's so easy to spend far more money than necessary. Research and plan what you want to do and it’ll make it far less complicated.

  2. Plot on a map.

    Whenever I go to a new city, I plot all the restaurants and attractions I want to visit on a google map. This makes it so much easier to plan your day to day and also makes it really easy to work out what is in each area. This makes travel so much easier as you can break down your trip into areas - which will save on costs.

  3. Overcompensate on food research.

    When planning a trip, I always plot in numerous food options including coffee shops, cafes and grab and go options. When traveling, I always find that tiredness and hunger often leads to arguments so by knowing food options or at least having suggestions, this reduces the chance of a bad meal and means that you’re never hungry! I always base these off recommendations to ensure that they’re more considered options and you don’t end up in a McDonalds…

  4. Book accommodation with breakfast.

    This tip is very much down to personal preference but as someone who likes to get going, booking accommodation with breakfast included means that you can save on cost and thinking things through. I’m not a massive breakfast person so by booking somewhere with breakfast, it means I don’t end up spending loads of money at a likely touristy option. But this depends - if you’re not a big eater, you may choose to grab and go with a pastry - depends how early you want to get going!

  5. Get your bearings.

    Perhaps one of the most important tips, getting your bearings is so important when in a new space! Whenever I’m travelling somewhere and could have jetlag, I love hopping on a very cliche hop on hop off bus. These allow you to take in the sights, save on transport and give you an opportunity to chill out a bit. Almost everywhere I’ve been, we’ve gone on one of these on the first day and it’s a great way to get an idea of where you are.

What are some of your tips for visiting Paris?

Ellie Dickinson