On Avoiding Winter Burnout

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Winter Burnout | noun | Win·ter burn·out

Tiredness or exhaustion as a result of coldness or lack of sun.

Winter burnout is a very real phenomenon. Whether it’s simply a result of fewer hours of sunlight or due to the increased number of social obligations, it’s a busy time of the year! But when you hit burnout, it’s far from positive. So I thought I’d share some of the ways that I try and avoid hitting burnout.

Reduce Screen Time.

I genuinely believe there’s a correlation between screen time and the impact upon how I’m feeling. It could just be a serious case of FOMO, but if you’re feeling low because of tiredness, it’s best not to encourage it further by hitting any emotional triggers.

Eating Nutritiously.

This can manifest itself in many ways, but I find that when I start to feel overly tired, the first thing to go is my ‘healthy’ eating. But eating takeaways has a knock on effect and doesn’t help improve how I’m feeling - it’s a bit of a vicious cycle! If I know I’ve got a busy month ahead, I try and meal prep, making sure I have plenty of homemade frozen meals in the freezer ready to warm up!


Self-care is definitely a phrase that was thrown about quite a lot but it’s something that genuinely improves my state of mind. In a pinch, I try and make time for basic things like a facemask or painting my nails, but I’m also a huge fan of Spa Days. I’d highly suggest looking around for a perfect spa day that will allow you to fully shut off. Once you’re there, I’d recommend leaving your phone in the locker and fully switch off! The results are worth it!


I’m a planner - through and through! I have a really detailed calendar for both home and work, and it helps me ensure I get through my daily tasks! If I know I have a busy weekend approaching, I make sure that the following weekend is completely free so I can recover fully. This does mean you really have to have a handle on your diary, so I’d suggest fully utilising your phone calendar.

Recognise trigger factors.

As an introvert, I know that my biggest tiredness factors involve lots of people time. As a consequence, I make sure to balance this out with enough me-time that I don’t feel drained! If you’re an extrovert, the opposite may be the case - but it’s important to recognise what works for you!

And there you have it - the essential ways that I try and keep Winter Burnout at bay! Do you have any things that you turn to this time of year?

Ellie Dickinsonlifestyle