5 Winter Money Saving Tips


With Christmas on the horizon, I’ve become more conscious of the prospect of not only present buying but the upcoming work parties, festive events and general social occasions that seem to inundate my diary this time of year - which all amounts to having to spend more money than usual! But as it’s once a year, I do try to factor this into my savings habits so that I can afford these nice things! So I thought I’d share my 5 money savings tips so that you’re fully prepared for the social season ahead!

  1. Consider bulk cooking.

This is my favourite money saving tip as it means I always have meals in the freezer! I find it cheaper to cook in bulk and often use grated or finely chopped veg to bulk out my meals so they last longer. This is perfect for if your schedule is slightly hectic as it means you always have a meal to hand and avoids the temptation for a takeaway! Get yourself a good set of freezer safe Tupperware like these and you’re good to go.

2. Be particular with Christmas gifts.

If you feel pressured into buying for a large group of friends, why not suggest a Secret Santa? I personally only buy for immediate family and then budget for a Secret Santa for work which is inevitable. Try to refine your gift list down and it’ll definitely make a difference!

3. Opt for a festive night in.

As I live in Manchester, most nights out in Christmas start at the Christmas markets - but they’re expensive! Depending on the group of friends, I always suggest a chilled night in with plenty of Christmas films which costs far less and means you don’t have to worry about potential extra expenses. If you do find that you’re needing to have a little extra, then click here to find out how.

4. Sort & sell your wardrobe.

I’m a huge advocate of a wardrobe sort out every season so why not be ruthless? People are always inclined to shop the season they’re in so sort out your clothes and list them on eBay! Not only will this help to refine your wardrobe, but it’ll help earn a little bit extra money.

5. Try going cash only.

Whenever I’m tight, I delete the Apple Wallet app from my phone and leave my debit card at home. This means that I’m reliant on cash only and am conscious over what I’m spending as I have a limit. Not only does this ensure you don’t spend more than you have, but it means you’re absolutely sticking to a budget!

What are some of your money saving tips for this time of year? Have I missed anything from my list?

Ellie Dickinson