Switching to Your Winter Wardrobe


With the temperatures dropping, it’s safe to say that I’m dusting off the winter coats and getting ready to break out my thermals. It’s getting cold and is very much time for a full on winter wardrobe swap.

So as you get your wardrobe ready, I thought I’d share my top tips on switching your wardrobe.

Use the time for a declutter.

I know that as I embrace a new season, I always find myself looking at past season’s outfits and wondering where I went wrong! Use the chance for a switchover to declutter your items and decide if you want to get rid of any items. As trends are often circular, I find it’s a good idea to declutter in the season of the item, as by then you’ll be able to determine whether you want to hang on to it or not!

Clean everything.

By everything, I mean everything. Switching your wardrobe over is a great opportunity to not only wipe down and clean the inside of the wardrobe but to make sure all you clothing is ready to wear. As I don’t have the best storage situation, I always wash my knitwear and take my coats to a local dry cleaner like Sproose. This means that coats with be clean and fresh and ready to wear!

Consider what you own.

Switching over wardrobe is a great opportunity to work out if there is anything else you need. Whether you need some new layering basics or a new pair of tights, try and look at what you own and work out what you need to replace! I often use this time to replace tights, socks and any basic camisoles.

Fully switch Summer clothing.

If you’re not likely to wear it until Summer, pack it away. I find this really therapeutic and would definitely suggest getting yourself some vacuum pack bags to help! When you’ve pulled everything out of your wardrobe to give it a clean, I’d suggest separating your items into their categories and then vacuum packing them together. If your storage is limited like mine, I’d suggest keeping these in a suitcase to protect them from being on display!

Clean shoes.

Every winter I find myself wearing my leather chelsea boots and as I never wear these in the Summer, they collect a lot of dust! I try to make sure to store them in cloth bags to avoid this, but I’d suggest regularly giving them a wipe to prevent the material being damaged

What do you do when you switch to your winter wardrobe?

Ellie Dickinson