10 Ways To Work As You Travel


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Most people spend months saving up to travel before quitting their jobs and adventuring off until their money is spent. However, it’s possible to see the world and make a living at the same time allowing you to travel whenever you want for as long a period as you desire. Here are just a few ways to work and travel.

Take on online freelance work

Becoming a digital nomad could allow you to work from your laptop from any location around the world. By taking on work on a freelance basis, you can set your own hours and get to travel on your own terms. Such work could include social media management, website design, copywriting or photo editing. Sites like Fiverr are great for taking on odd jobs. Some people have been lucky enough to generate an income simply by blogging and getting ad revenue. Stick to hostels that have a good Wi-fi network and a good environment to work in.

Work in a bar

If you’ve got experience bartending, you could take this skill with you abroad. Many holiday resorts are always looking for seasonal bar staff – you could spend the whole season working there and use your free time to relax. In the summer, you can work at beach resorts and in the winter you can work at ski resorts. Alternatively, you may be able to find a bar in a city that has a steady influx of customers all year round. You may have to find accommodation – your cheapest option is finding a room to rent. Some bars may be able to provide accommodation for you.

Work in a hotel/hostel

Similar to working in a bar, you can take advantage of seasonal work by working in a hotel abroad. Hotels often have more roles to choose from – you could work in a bar, work as a waiter in the restaurant, help clean rooms, work at a reception desk or even work a holiday rep. Some hotels and hostels may even give you a free room to stay for the duration of your stay.


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Teach English

You could also consider getting paid to teach English. This can require a teaching qualification in many cases, but you generally won’t need to learn another language – most children and adults looking to learn English will already have a basic grasp of the language and may simply be looking to build upon it and become more fluent. You can work at a school or you can work as a private tutor. This could be something you do for a few months before moving onto a new location – some schools may be able to provide accommodation for you.

Become an au pair

Working as an au pair involves staying in someone else’s home in exchange for helping with household tasks such as housework, nannying and dog-walking. You’ll get free accommodation, free meals and a small income to use for your own personal use. Working as an au pair allows you to experience living like a local – it can also be a great chance to learn the language.


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Start an exercise class

You could also help to keep people fit around the world by starting an exercise class. Beach resorts are ideal for this – you could organise a yoga class or boot camp on the beach, charging people for each lesson. You can market your classes to local hotels where you can recruit people. It could be a fun way of using personal training and sports skills to make a living abroad.

Work on a cruise ship

Cruise ships are always looking for staff and there are a multitude of roles to choose from. Some of these roles include waitering, cooking, bartending, reception work, cleaning, maintenance, entertainment, personal training, photography, excursion PR work and even nursing. You can spend your days off exploring new ports or simply making the most of the ship’s facilities. Accommodation and food are often included for free, giving you disposable income to use as you please. You can also transfer to another ship when you get bored of one particular route allowing you to explore new places around the world.


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Work as a flight attendant

Flight attendants get to fly all over the world and stay in hotels for free. The work itself can be challenging – you’ll have to work odd hours, sometimes for long periods as on long-haul flights. However, many people get a buzz out of it and make it their lifelong career. Even if you don’t have much flexibility as to where you travel when on shift, working as a flight attendant has its travel perks – you can often get huge discounts on flights allowing you to spend your free time going on cheap holidays abroad.

Become a tour guide

Another way of working and travelling could be to become a tour guide. English-speaking guides are required all around the world for all manner of tours from nature safaris to tours of historical buildings to vineyard tours to city bus tours. You may be able to cater a tour around an interest that you have such as marine wildlife, history or science. Once you have experience as a tour guide, it’s easy to find other work organising tours allowing you to keep changing things up and live in new places.

Do volunteer work

You won’t get paid for volunteer work, but it could still be a great way of living life like a local. It can also open up doors for paid work in some cases. Volunteering could involve working with animals, working with children, helping the poor and sick, working on a farm or helping with the construction of local projects. Often in exchange for volunteering, you’ll get a free bed and free meals. In your free time you can go adventuring locally and see more of the country that you’re in. You’ll find many volunteer programmes online.

Ellie Dickinson