5 Things To Consider When Writing Sponsored Content

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Sponsored content is a great way to earn a bit of extra money on the side!

But depending on the brief and the aim of the content, it can be ever so slightly hit or miss as to how to approach it. So here are my favourite tips & tricks as to how to write the best content for your blog (whilst earning money!)

1. Does it fit your blog?

If you're a beauty blog and get approached by a floorboard company, the likelihood is that it won't fit with your blog and may even be off putting to your readers. Obviously if you're in a financially unpredictable position, then you might decide that you need to accept it, but try and consider how it works with your other content.

But it might actually work as inspiration! If you're given a brief that may be slightly outside of your comfort zone, it could spark a bout of inspiration that you didn't know you had.

2. What is the aim?

Most briefs have an aim - whether it's instagram content, blog content or a bit of everything. If they're after quality instagram content, make sure you don't focus on your blog content! Same works vice versa. 

It's also worth bearing in mind when editing pictures - make sure all your pictures are optimised for each social media platform and that you're not having to crop anything out!

3. What is their budget?

If they're only willing to offer tuppence, consider if it's really worth being on your blog. But if it's a low budget + a product worth a significant amount, it may be worth weighing up the benefits. But don't take silly amounts. Be reasonable.

4. Would you need to buy anything extra?

If you're having to buy anything to make the post work, have a look at whether the budget will cover it. If you're having to spend £30 on props but are only being paid £50, is it worth it?

5. Do you have the time?

There's nothing worse than committing to a project when you're on holiday so won't be able to hit the deadline. You may have to take the photos in advance or schedule a post or two - just make sure it's reasonable! 

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