The 10 Blog Photography Props You Need (+ Creating an Aesthetic)

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My blog photography has come a long way since the days of using a white painted chopping board as a background. So much so that I've developed an arsenal of props - many of which appear in nearly every photo on this blog. 

But whilst I may have used the same props for ages, my photography style has varied so much that I found it difficult to maintain an aesthetic true to myself, until now. And here are my top tips how.

1. A couple of books or magazines.

Whilst I love plain photo backgrounds, I'm also a big fan of incorporating an open book into the background. I've held onto a copy of vogue that's about a year old because some of the page spreads work nicely as a background. I often use pages that are just text which helps with my fairly monochromatic theme - but go with what works for you! I also have two or three coffee table books that have pretty covers as well as well layed out interiors that also make for great pictures! Personal favourites include: Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes, Love x Style x Life by Garance Dore and Capture Your Style by Aimee Song. Pretty notebooks also make a great alternative - have a look on Paperchase or Ohh Deer for some great options!

2. Postcards.

If you're on a tight budget, keeping a few postcards on hand can make creating stock photos an absolute dream. Whether they're just pretty prints or feature typography - keeping some on hand can really help your pictures! I love picking them up when I'm travelling as it means when I blog about my holiday, it helps create a main image that works with my aesthetic. Great postcards can be found at Paperchase, Rifle Paper Co and just about everywhere!

3. Aesthetic Stationery.

Who knew that you needed a pair of gold scissors in your life? Well, you do. Again, have a look at your blog content and see what works best for you but having a few novelty items of stationery might work well - whether it's a pair of gold scissors or a couple of rolls of washi tape, this could help bring your photos to a new level!

3. Colour Schemed makeup.

Like with stationery but for fellow beauty bloggers, keeping makeup that works with your blog's colour scheme can really be an asset. I have a pair of eyelash curlers that are copper from Primark that only cost £1 but go in just about every picture! I've also kept empty candle jars, copper makeup brushes and old makeup products - because they help set up photos. Places like Primark are great for things like these as they're often really reasonably priced.

4. Little bits.

There's never any harm in keeping a packet of confetti or sequins on hand. When you work with plain backgrounds, having something glittery on hand is the ideal way to elevate a photo with a slightly more festive flair. A good and cheaper (if not free) alternative can be to pull off petals from a tiny flower to yet again add another dimension to your photos.

5. Double Sided Large Posterboard.

I don't know a single blogger that doesn't keep a large white piece of posterboard on hand. If you're after plain backgrounds, this is the ideal thing to keep on hand - and you can wrap one side with sticky back marble and leave the other plain. These come so cheap (less than £5) and with a couple of sheets of coloured card on hand, there's no limit to what you can create!

6. Textiles.

I've been trying to incorporate a lot more texture into my photos as of yet and fabric shops have become my best friend. Fabric is so cheap to get and ideal for adding a lil something else to your pictures! I have a shiny see through piece of fabric, pink satin and white long hair faux fur. Each piece was around £1 from eBay.

7. Flowers.

Fake or real, flowers can be a great accessory to any photo. I'd recommend picking up faux greenery such as Eucalyptus or Monstera to keep a plainer more scandinavian feel or of course a bunch of fresh Peonies can never go amiss! If you're using fake plants, I'd suggest keeping them further back in the photo and using a 50mm lens to blur them slightly as often they don't look too great in focus!

8. Crockery.

I literally have two or three mugs that always crop up in photos. Whether you want a fancy plate or a set of gold knives and forks, crockery can seriously jazz up the most simple of flat lays. A cup of coffee or hot chocolate is also a great way to spice up any photo.

9. Jewellry.

I don't wear much jewellry on a day to day but I always have a few pieces that frequently appear in my photos. Whether it's a bold pair of statement earrings or a delicate rose gold watch, again, they're ideal for adding into staple stock photos.

10. The Flatlay bag.

I must have several bags and pouches in my collection that always creep into my photos. Because who doesn't love a classic flat lay makeup spread? These are probably the easiest pictures to take and they are always a hit on instagram so are great for keeping on hand! I adore the Kaite Loxton pouches as they're fairly neutral in colour so work with my colour palette perfectly!

If you're a blogger, what are some of your favourite blog props? Do you use blog props at all?