The New Hair Care Routine

Hair care has never been something I've been too concerned about - I normally reach for the shampoo that smells the best (Alberto Balsam Green Apple, I'm looking at you) but have always been less bothered about how my hair felt. Sure, I brush it and like it looking clean and fairly neat but I had accepted the fact that my hair was dry and that was the end.

Until I discovered Sacha Juan. First off, this is not sponsored and these were not sent to me either. 

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Sometimes it's good to just read the labels and get to know what your hair needs. 

What are some of your haircare favourites? Any recommendations to share?

Before I invested fully in a complete haircare routine from Sacha Juan, I had only tried their Hair Repair and I knew it worked, so I looked at the range and chose which elements I needed to work on. Obviously, moisture was something I wanted (which would already be helped by a sulfate free shampoo) so I went for the Ultra Repair Shampoo, the idea being to prevent the impact of typically drying shampoo. Then volume, so I went for the Volume Conditioner and of course, picked up a new bottle of Hair Repair for a weekly deep condition. 

I've been using these products now for about two weeks and it's safe to say that my hair is so much softer, far more manageable and in far better condition. 


Ellie Dickinson