The Lush Stash

Who doesn't love a bit of lush?

I love Lush and with winter in full force (It has literally been snowing for hours), baths are the best way to avoid spending ridiculous amounts of money on heating - I'm a student here.

Back in the day, when I had money to spend (I never did really), I would get far too overexcited about going into Lush but I've learnt to calm down and have come up with a selection that I know I like and therefore don't waste too much money on.

One of my ultimate favourites has to be the Comforter which is a bubble bar that smells like Ribena (side note- I'm not a fan of the shower gel). It turns your water pink and overly bubbly which I adore. Obviously. Another favourite is the Butterbear (the bear is the Christmas version but you can buy this normally as a ball), this smells incredible, it's really moisturising and has a fresh scent. Nothing too exciting here but it's beneficial to the skin.

Father Christmas is such a sweet smelling bath bomb that turns your water green - it smells like Snow Fairy so if you're not a fan, this probably isn't for you. Magic Wand is another favourite, partially because it makes the water glittery. It's a bubble bar so you can use it several times and turns my bath pink (are you noticing a theme?). I personally think it smells similar to Snow Fairy but I don't think thats the actual scent, so apologies. 

And finally, Candy Mountain which is another bubble bar (I love my bubbles) and it has a slight peppermint scent to it - a bit like a candy cane so it's great. It adds a metallic sheen to your bath and, you guessed it, it turns pink. 

What are some of your favourite Lush bath bombs?

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