Sunday Skincare Maintenance Routine

Whilst I love sharing exciting new products, sometimes it's nice to share the slightly more boring side to my life - the Sunday afternoon "sort my skin & life out" time we all tend to have. So let's breakdown the go to products that keep everything in check. Sidenote: this is not my skincare routine but more things I use on a weekly/adhoc basis.

On a day to day basis, I flit between using the Garnier Micellar Water and the Una Brennan Super Facialist Oil but on a weekend, I love turning to my Antipodes Grace Cream Cleanser which feels so luxurious upon application and leaves my skin so soft and supple. This is very much a Sunday afternoon cleanser as it doesn't do much to remove makeup but is ideal for either a day-to-day second cleanse or a non-stripping cleanser for days where you haven't worn anything on your skin. It smells divine and the texture makes the whole experience transcend into a spa-like vicinity. Then, depending on how my skin has been feeling, I've been turning to the Caudalie Deep Cleansing ExfoliatorI know I'm normally anti physical exfoliator but the texture of this is so refined that it doesn't feel too rough on my skin. I wouldn't advise using this over spots, but on a fairly neutral skin moment, this really does feel amazing and leaves your skin receptive for everything else.

Once I've cleansed, I go for a mask of some sort. My go to for a long time has been the Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask which transforms my skin in fifteen minutes. It's clay but manages not to be drying and once dry and upon removal, the little grains within exfoliate any dead skin and leave my skin feeling baby soft.

Despite it not being overly drying, my skin is always in need of some sort of moisture after any facemask so depending on how things have been looking, I go for either a sheet mask or an oil but on a Sunday afternoon, if I have time on my hands, I like to go for the Bravura London Lactic Acid Peel. I'm aware this sounds terrifying, but it feels like a serum and really helps further exfoliate. I leave this on for about half an hour and then remove with a warm flannel. 

And now comes the fun part. I've recently gotten into the idea of a face massage and have been using the Hay'Ou Jade Face Massager to really stimulate the blood flow and soothe my skin. As this is jade, I pop it in the freezer before use so it's nice and relaxing to use. I apply my Antipodes Divine Facial Oil (which cures all), and then use this to massage my skin. I follow the instructions it comes with and it really does help wake me up (plus it feels amazing). 

And before bed, of course I moisturise. Again, I see how my skin is feeling and opt for either a moisturising mask or simply a night moisturiser. But if my skin is still quite rich with moisture from the oil, I've been enjoying spritzing the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This smells incredible so is not only ideal pre sleep but seems to seal my skin pre-bed. I wake up with gloriously soft, texture free skin and of course, with a glow that gives the illusion of a well-kept lifestyle. What more could a girl want?