Flint+Flint Facial at Harvey Nichols

I'll say this time and time again, one of the best rewards for this blog has to be having experiences like facials. But this wasn't just a facial, this took your average facial to a new level.

You're all bound to know how much I love a little bit of skincare so I'm often quite hesitant about your run of the mill facial as there is nothing worse than breaking out terribly after cheap products so when the Flint+Flint email landed in my inbox, I did my research first.

Flint+Flint have a new clinic in the beauty hall of Harvey Nichols and it's like a little comforting haven in the midst of the white, minimalist interior of the Beauty hall and I instantly felt at ease. Anyone who has ever had a beauty treatment or facial will know how intimidating these places can sometimes be so it was wonderful to be welcomed so warmly.

The facial was unbelievable. I had the Flint+Flint Mrs Flint Facial which is described as being ideal for women who want a hydrating facial for plump and rejuvenated skin. The facial included a glycolic cleanser, serum, transderm (which was amazing) and then an enzyme mask which tingles and was fantastic. Afterwards my skin was so soft and supple and just felt incredible. It was glowy and I have hardly worn foundation since. The transderm part was amazing (the Mr Flint facial comes with microdermabrasion so you can swap for this if you want) as it's pulsing electric currents through your skin which feels bizarre at first but then quite nice. 

Flint+Flint has clinics all over the UK but if you're in Manchester, I would definitely recommend getting one. They're really affordable and well worth it.

Ellie Dickinsonlifestyle, beauty