Why I Hate the Fashion Industry.

I'm not skinny but I'm not fat, in fact I wear a size way under the average in the UK. I know. But one thing I know is that no matter how many outfit pictures I pop on this blog, I'm never going to get work as a fashion blogger. In fact I've had brands ask if they can send me something and as soon as I've replied with my size, I don't get a reply. 

But that's the way the industry works. If you try and think of any bloggers over a size 8 that are killing it, it would be hard to find more than a couple. Because these are the girls people aspire to looklike. It's why they often have six figure followings on instagram and rake in four figure payments for sponsored brand work. 

There was a phase where every brand and it's aunt hopped on the Plus sized bandwagon and were using hashtags like #curvyandproud and suddenly it looked like the fashion industry might have taken a turn but they've stopped. But the reality is that the main brand campaigns will never feature a model over a size 8. And no matter how many plus sized models out there speak out and how many articles there are saying that models need to be a certain weight to walk in various Fashion Weeks, we will rarely see a model over 50kg walking any runway. It's the harsh truth.

And that shouldn't be the case. Ultimately, these models are no where near the average and even these size 8 fashion bloggers with photographers that seem to follow their every breath aren't the average. But why can't we come to a happy medium where we accept everyone? 

So that's why I hate the fashion industry because it doesn't matter how many killer outfits I put together or any non-average fashion blogger, because unfortunately there isn't a chance for us and no matter how hard we try, we're not the ones going to be photographed by street style photographers or land any brand campaigns. This is something that needs to change, just for once could we have a mainstream brand celebrating every shape and size?

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