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So, I have a Grad Job.

So, things have been a bit quiet on here because your favourite ex-Masters student (thank GOD that’s done) is two weeks into her first adult job! It’s so bizarre to think that I’m finally moving on from the university based part of my life and into the world of adulthood, but two weeks in, I’m loving it.

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A Ray of Sunshine with Radley

Whilst I love a bright dress in the summer, if we're not in a heatwave, my day to day outfits are fairly neutral and without colour. So when I had the opportunity to style a Radley bag, I decided to venture a little bit out of my comfort zone and go for a pop of colour and as soon as I saw this 'Hello Sunshine' yellow and white striped bag, I was drawn to it, like a moth to a flame...

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8 of the Best Basket Bags on eBay (£15 or less)

I love eBay. It's a 98% reliable way to get copies or 'inspired' versions of trendy bags, and if you're prepared to wait for the 3-week wait, most trend-driven items can be bought for cheap! With basket bags really being a key trend for the summer, I decided to share some of my secrets and share my favourite basket bags that are on eBay - and all of them are less than £15!

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