Check Your Blogger Privilege

I can almost guarantee that if you ask any blogger why they started, they will rarely say "it's for the free stuff". If that's you, check yourself. Now. But most will say, "I love the content" or "I love writing" etc etc. They love the art behind it.

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a tweet with the hashtag #PRRequest and decided to have a gander and whilst it was honestly hilarious, it also made me reflect upon how much blogging has changed over the years and whilst my blog hasn't been around for a constant four years, it's been there.

I'm very fortunate to receive a couple of packages a week from various PR agencies or brands but I can assure you, it hasn't come easily. And I didn't expect it to be that way. #BloggerMail although entertaining, shouldn't need to be a thing and nor should you feel inferior because of it. 

Now, I'm not here to tell you how to blog because I'm only just working out my own flow, but if ever you find yourself getting upset over the fact that you're not receiving thousands of packages, just reflect on why you started blogging.

Blogging isn't about the "free stuff".

Sure, it's a bonus but it's not all about the goodies. It's about sharing your thoughts whether thats on your new fave lippie or that foundation you've been dying over. People started reading your blog because they care about your opinions, not how much you're being sent.

You don't deserve anything.

As harsh as it sounds, being a blogger doesn't entitle you to anything. Four years ago, no one could care less about blogging and only recently is it a thing. Blogging shouldn't be about the perks and it's sad that people are doing it for that reason entirely. Do your thing, if a nice email pops into your inbox, well great, if it doesn't, don't whine on Twitter about it.

Do it for the love.

You can tell when a blogger has lost love for writing. Posts will be short, lifeless and generally just bleh. If ever you find blogging a strain, it might be worth sitting back and taking a break. I would much rather follow an inconsistent blog that writes banging posts than a sad, lifeless one.

I know this is often the harsh reality but sometimes (even I) need to check my privilege. I started writing for the fun of it, so why should I ever stop?

Ellie Dickinsonlifestyle