13 Blogger Instagram Cliches We've ALL Done

Because who doesn't love a good blogger cliche?

  1. Taking a super cute  picture of a green juice and then throwing it away because let's be honest, it takes like swamp juice. #health #fitness #goals
  2. Those colourful doors/buildings in Kensington and Notting Hill. Creepy or cute? I'm not judging. #DoorAppreciation
  3. Lattes + marble + designer bag. #Aesthetic
  4. Avocado and poached eggs brunch goals. 
  5. The sudden rush to photograph the perfect lipstick before you use it and spoil it's aesthetic.
  6. Macarons. La Duree in particular.
  7. #IHaveThisThingWithFloors
  8. An #ootd featuring looking into the distance in front of those white houses in London.
  9. Something OTT with Christmas. We're talking changing your theme, or just a series of posts raving about hot chocolate, santa hats, christmas trees.... You get my drift. 
  10. Some sort of healthy gluten, lactose free, vegan bake that looks alright but tastes terrible and remains in a tupperware until it starts to grow mould. Deliciously Ella eat your heart out #SuchHealth
  11. A Diptique Candle, marble and something copper.
  12. Cacti. Cacti everywhere.
  13. A picture of Paris or New York with the caption "Dreaming of *city*" or "I belong in *city*"

Come on, are you guilty of any of these cliches? I think I'm guilty of all of them.

Ellie Dickinsonlifestyle