The Anti-Haul (But not really)

So I'm not sure why this is even called the anti-haul when it's way more of a wishlist. Because I'm very much on a spending ban, (until I head to America this summer), I decided to put together a bit of a wishlist which features the things I'd totally be buying if I had a million dollars and if I was updating my wardrobe for spring!

I'm obsessed with workwear as part of your go to outfit, namely cigarette trousers. I'm pretty sure these will look dreadful on me but I love them all the same! I think they look so chic with the tie waist and look amazing with a baggy jumper tucked in or a cropped blouse. So cute. I think they're so lovely with heels or dressed up. Just oh so versatile.

Note the Chloe Faye bag. Yeah, this is not going to happen but a girl can dream? I love the soft pink and think it's gorgeous for spring! I probably wouldn't buy this as my only designer bag as it's very seasonal but it's gorgeous. I'm loving softer tones at the moment and there's a real femininity to it. 

I've been loving these two blouses from Zara. I'm not sure what it is, but I love blue cotton blouses in the summer. Again, on that pastel colour hype. I love a good off the shoulder top and of course, a white lacy top is everything and more.

And finally, for some reason I don't have a blue pair of jeans. I have a pair of mom jeans but not sure where my blue skinny jeans went but I don't have any. Paige Denim is probably one of the best denim brands out there so again, if I had the cash to spare, I'd totally be buying a pair in every colour.

But another cute idea is customising your own t-shirts Printsome offers bulk t-shirt printing which means you can customise t-shirts to say anything you want! I love a good slogan tee and if you can make them yourself, why not?

Ellie Dickinson