Unique Travel Experiences For The Adventurer In You

If you’re a travel lover, you’ll have experienced quite a few countries, and seen things that you never expected to see. Whether you went around Europe or packed your bags and went further afield, you’ll know that there are different ways of travelling. You can relax, take it easy, and treat yourself to an upmarket city break, or you can push yourself that bit further, and see the world in a more unconventional way. If you’re looking to change the way that you travel this year - and you want to become a bit more adventurous - why not try out some of the things we’ve listed here?


Stick to trains and boats

Aah, how easy it is to fly from country to country, and cut out all of that travelling time in between. It’s convenient, right? But you may be missing out on some unique and interesting things, and you may be able to push yourself that bit further if you want to challenge yourself. Sure, interrailing may remove some of the comforts of travelling, but you’ll meet the locals, you’ll see parts of the country that you’d never have seen if you just went to the airport, and you’ll feel so much more like a… traveller this way, you know? So say goodbye to planes where you can, and hello to other ways of travelling.

Go on an adventure challenge

If you really want to put yourself out of your comfort zone when travelling, why not try an adventure challenge? From hiking around the UK to cycling around Kerala, there are so many ways to see the beautiful landscape, whilst pushing your mind and your body to achieve something. There are so many ways to do this, too, depending upon what you’re interested in and where you want to go. This is great for the thrill seekers and adventurers amongst us, so why not look into Global Adventure Challenges if you really want to see the world, but not from your comfort zone?

Swim with sharks

So, you’ve enjoyed walking around a beautiful country, seeing the sights, eating the food… now what? Whilst swimming with sharks may be your personal idea of hell, how great would it be to tell your friends and family back home that you actually did it? (ok, don’t tell your Mum…). This is a unique way to see the beautiful ocean life of the country that you decide to visit, so why not give it a try? Of course, you’ll be in a cage so there’s no way that you’re just going to be eaten alive like you’re an extra in Jaws, and it could actually be quite a moving experience. Give it a try if you’re feeling adventurous!

So, there are many unique travel experiences out there for the adventurer in you, from travelling on trains and boats instead of planes, to going on an adventure challenge, and seeing the world whilst pushing yourself. You can also doing something totally out there, like swimming with sharks, so try out some of these things if you really want to have the adventure of a lifetime!

Ellie Dickinson