The 3 Handbags You Should Take on Holiday


Image Credit: Unsplash

Holidays are the best time for experimenting with your signature style. Not only are you going to experience a different climate, but you are also going to be doing different things with your day. This is an excellent opportunity that it would be a shame to pass up.

But your style isn’t just about clothes and shoes - your handbag is the most important accessory you will have while you are on holiday. And you will be needing more than one!

The Mary Poppins/ Tardis Bag

If you have kids, then you will probably already know a thing or two about owning a huge bag. A tardis bag is the kind of holdall that you can fling everything and the kitchen sink into and carry around all day without a worry. These big bags are also ideal for a shopping day abroad as you can fit all your purchases in without ending up with a million small plastic bags.

Holdalls are ideal for the airport because you can pack your activities for the plane as well as a few other carry on essentials like wet wipes, a pashmina and a fan. Check for bags that have a couple of smaller zipped pockets for the ultimate in bag heaven. These pockets are perfect for your passport, tickets and money for the airport.  

The Cute Rucksack

If you are planning to go on a long walk around a new place, keeping hold of a bag on your shoulder can get really annoying. This is especially true if you are going to a really busy area such as a market where you are likely to bump into people by accident.

A cute little rucksack like the ones they do at The Leather Company is ideal for this. You can get all sorts of lovely colours and styles but they aren’t as bulky as your regular rucksack might be. Take your rucksack from daytime exploration to fancy evening do and relish the chance to have both hands free at once!

The Tiny Evening Bag

Of course, it wouldn’t be a holiday if you weren’t going to go out and have a delicious and luxurious meal at some point. And you can’t really take a holdall to dinner so… enter the tiny evening bag!

The evening bag should only ever be big enough to hold a few small things: your phone, a couple of cards and your room key - okay, you can take a lipstick too, but only if you really have to. Plus, if you think smartly, you should probably be able to fit this small bag into either your holdall cute rucksack so it won’t take up much extra space at all.

It might sound silly, but limiting yourself to such a small bag will help you to depart from all the stuff you needlessly carry around with you during the day and live more lightly. This time is about experiencing the moment and not being distracted. A small bag might sound like a daft solution but boy does it work!

Ellie Dickinson