The 4 Essential MakeupGeek Shadows You Need

I bloomin' love Makeup Geek eyeshadows but I know how overwhelming the selection is so when I picked up some, I grabbed a whole variety of shadows. But now it's been a while since I bought them, I decided to collate my top four eyeshadows so that if you don't have much to spend, you have a minimal eyeshadow collection - essentially creating a quad. Sidenote: If you weren't aware, you can get them off BeautyBay in the UK (means no customs fees!) - Swatches are at the bottom of the post.

A cult favourite has to be Latte which is a warm toned brown shade that's only slightly darker than my skin tone which makes it ideal to carve out your eye shape and give that little bit of definition. I tend to use this primarily in my crease but as it's the perfect for swiping all over your lid if you just need a quick fix.

One of my ultimate favourites has to be Purely Naked which is only slightly shimmery but is a great warm toned pale brown. Slightly peachier and paler than Latte, it looks amazing if you mix it with MAC Fix+ and use it as your main lid colour. It's an incredibly close colour to my skin tone so just gives a wash of shimmery colour if you don't want to wear much eyeshadow. 

Mocha is an absolute essential in my book because it's the perfect ever so slightly warm brown colour that is great for using as a liner or really making your eyeshadow smokey. I wear this so much it's crazy! I wear this in my outer corner to really intensify whatever look I'm going for and often then put it on my bottom waterline to make my eyes stand out. It's perfect because it's not dark enough for it to make my eyes look beady, but soft enough that it gives that sort of bed head feel - very Daisy Lowe.

And finally, I couldn't avoid including a foiled shade! Starry Eyed is absolutely stunning. If ever I want an inner eye highlight, this is what I reach for as it's pink toned enough that it doesn't look off but it's really sparkly. This also looks amazing with MAC Fix+ to give your lid a, yes you guessed it, foiled eyeshadow look. It's so intense if you do mix it but is really beautiful. If I am going all out one evening, I sometimes put it on my brow bone as well and just make sure it's blended out really well.

So there's my neutral eyeshadow picks - which are your favourites? If you've tried makeup geek, what are some of your favourite shadows?