Spring Moisture Picks

With Spring ever so slowly starting to make it's presence known, my skin is starting to change with the weather so I've been dropping the super heavy moisturisers and oils for lighter alternatives. Don't get me wrong, I still slap on an oil most evenings, I've just been choosing to go for a lighter option. 

Despite my skin being far more dry in Winter, I've been using a day moisturiser far more and have been loving the Ark SkinCare Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiserwhich has honestly been making the biggest difference in my skin. I was kindly sent this but I always trial skincare for at least 10 days and I've been using this now day & night for about 3 weeks so I've definitely given it a more than fair trial! The packaging is brilliant, you push down the top and it pushes the product upwards so it's far more hygienic than dipping your fingers into a pot. The consistency is neither light nor heavy which makes it perfect to apply before makeup. I tend to pop this on in the morning and in the evening after I apply whatever facial oil or serum I'm going for. It's part of a range that is designed for teens & 20s to protect your skin and prevent it from ageing. That's not the reason I've been using it, it's just a fab moisturiser!

And for oil, I've put down my beloved Antipodes Divine Facial Oil which I actually ran out of and have been using the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is a slightly less oily oil if that makes sense. In some ways the consistency reminds me of the Nuxe Dry Oil so it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily. This is ideal for Spring as although my skin is dry, it's not dry enough that I need a heavy oil in the evening. I apply this straight after I remove my makeup which gives it plenty time to soak in before I then apply my moisturiser on top of it before I go to bed. This is ideal for people who don't have massively dry skin as it's not oily enough to send everything into overdrive. This combination means I wake up with glowy soft skin and with a significantly improved texture.