5 Reasons to Buy Custom Made Furniture


As I’ve been embracing my grad job, I’ve become increasingly aware of saving money to buy a house, and within that has come the cost of buying furniture. As a 23-year-old millennial, I’ll almost certainly be buying some of my furniture from Ikea, but I am starting to create a list of a few items that I think are definitely a quality over quantity matter. Here are my reasons!

They are unique to you.

If you are buying custom furniture, the piece is designed specifically for you. It’s a one of a kind piece that will be unique to you and means that you have something that is definitely different to a mass market chain!


As much as I love a bit of flat pack furniture, they really don’t last massively well in the long-term, so if you’re looking for furniture that will last, custom is the way to go. If you are planning to move around or update your house, you’ll be moving furniture around -which is why you want strong furniture that lasts!


I know that my biggest custom item would be a sofa as a sofa is probably one of the hardest things to find! With custom upholstery from places like Cox & Cox, you have the complete versatility to have a sofa with fabric that is unique to you!

It’s crafted by you.

With custom furniture, you have the real opportunity to have a piece that is exactly what you want it to be! Whether this means it has a design feature you’ve been lusting over or features a fabric that has been on your Pinterest board for years – there is a real chance to create furniture exactly how you want.

It’s for life.

Custom furniture is not going to be the cheapest furniture around but that’s because it’s rooted in quality. It may be expensive, but it is a piece of furniture for life!

Would you invest in custom furniture?

Ellie Dickinson