The Do's And Don'ts Of Winter Fashion



Winter is on the way, but that doesn't mean your sense of fashion has to go out of the window. You can still look good and stay warm, without looking too much like a padded up snowman in your winter woollies. So, to help you prepare for, and survive the winter, here are the do's and don'ts for this most chilly of seasons

Don't sacrifice your warmth in an effort to look good. Walking around town in your skimpy clothing will only get you frostbite, so wrapping up warm is a must. However, you don't need to forsake fashion when wrapping up in your layers. Check out the Gerry Weber collection; with a range of padded coats and scarves that will help you to look stylish when out in the cold, and with some some impeccable knitted jumpers for when you de-layer, you can still look great when out on the town.

Do add winter colours to your wardrobe. Check out this year's color trends for the fall and winter months, and consider them when planning your winter wardrobe. Keep things interesting by adding patterns too, finding items that incorporate those colours that nicely complement what you are wearing. And when thinking about colour, consider adding an extra pop to your look with a bright, colourful item or accessory that fits nicely with some of the more subdued colours you may have chosen for your winter outfit.

Don't say farewell to last season's outfits. You don't need to sell or discard last season's outfits, as there may be ways to winterize them. Thinking about your summer dresses and skirts, combine them as you consider layering up. You can wear your summer dress over your winter jumper, for example, and using the tips here; you might also have the opportunity to pair your favourite dress with your winter leggings.

Don't overlayer. You want to stay warm, but you don't want to be so hot that you melt faster than a snowman on a summer's day. Too many layers will cause you to cook under your outfits, and too few will let the chill in, so consider the expert advice here, and get the right balance to ensure you stay comfortable all day long.

Do opt for closed footwear. It's time to put your high heels and sandals away for the season unless you want to experience frostbite on your dainty toes. Winter is a great excuse to add to your shoe collection, but you need to opt for closed footwear, such as sneakers and boots to keep your feet toasty warm. They need to be waterproof too, as you may well be treading through snow and puddles over the winter. Check out this year's winter boot trends to inspire you when shopping, and don't forget to add these stylish and attractive winter socks to go with your footwear.

I hope these tips were useful, but let us know what you think. Let me know too what outfits you will be wearing this winter, and give us a little inspiration as we plan for the colder months.

Ellie Dickinson