Eyes On Europe: The Seven City Trip Of Dreams

Trip planning is incredibly infectious. At first, it can seem tedious. All of that research you know you need to do is enough to put you off. But the same old story tends to apply that when it comes to getting started, you will often find it hard to commit to that first booking. When you have got a trip planned, all you ever want to do is book more - even before you’ve finished the first one. There’s nothing like a bit of travel to keep your wanderlust fueled up. But when you’re limited with your holiday time and you know you can’t afford to go on the ten holidays a week that you really want to go on, what are you to do? Well, the answer is simple!

The trick is to get as much done as possible in the short space of time that you have is to book a bit of a tour. Because why head to just one location when you can nail a bunch of different locations in one go? That’s the beauty of going to Europe. When you really want to head to one location in mainland Europe, it really makes sense for you to think about visiting a few other places along the way. And the best part is, there are so many incredible things for you to do in these cities across Europe, you can really get a lot packed into a short space of time.

1. Live In London

First of all, you know that you can often get a range of good flights out of London Heathrow, so why not book a cheap flight and then spend the extra on a night in London instead? Because London is just one of the many stunning cities that Europe has to offer, making it your perfect starting point. Hit up the tourist attractions if you’ve never seen them before. This is going to be the perfect way to wet your appetite.

2. Dream In Paris

Next up, the city of dreams. Because when you want to tour around Europe, you know that Paris has to be high up on your agenda. There’s plenty of ultimate experiences to fill your Paris agenda up with, so make sure you do your research and work out what you want to see and do first. Above all else, just make sure you take it all in, because this truly is a magical city.

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3. Basque In Monte Carlo

From the north to the south, you may also want to think about heading to the South of France to soak up the sun. While Nice may be nice, why not go all out and see Monte Carlo instead? Even if you just stay a night, you know that taking in the glitz and the glamour of this gorgeous location will really be the highlight of your trip.

4. Dance In Barcelona

For something a little more laidback, you’re going to want to stop by Barcelona. Here, you’ll find that the food flows, that the locals will become friends, and that you can enjoy your nights under the stars. So let your hair down and have some fun while you take in this stunning Spanish city.

5. Eat In Rome

When it comes to eating in style, you have to stop by Italy. And there are plenty of places to stay in Rome that you’re definitely going to want to make this your stop. Take in the sights and fill your boots with pasta and pizza at the same time. If you know that you want to eat as much as you can and walk it off in the day, Rome is your home.

6. Explore In Zurich

Known for business, you may not think that this Swiss city is your cup of tea, but it most definitely will be. Explore the Old Town for incredible architecture and pre-medieval history. There are so many stunning landmarks here, that you’re going to want to take it all in, let yourself feel humbled, and make plans to come back for a longer stay!

7. Layback In Lisbon

Finally, you’ve then also got to stop off at Lisbon in Portugal. Because there’s just so much for you to do here, but you’re definitely going to want to do it at your own pace. Take in the Portuguese lifestyle, enjoy lazy days, and dine in style. There are plenty of sites for you to see here, and heading on a hike is essential, but all in all, Lisbon is perfect for sun-lovers.

Ellie Dickinson