Let's Talk Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal does not sound pleasant. In fact it sounds almost abhorrent to the point where many would run screaming in the opposite direction. But it's oh so satisfactory (even though it bloody hurts).

I've currently had four out of a set of six laser hair removal sessions on my underarms which I've blogged about and provided a brief overview, but I wanted to really go in depth and talk about everything.

Laser hair removal is a fairly new method of permanent hair removal. Yes, that's right. Permanent. Hair. Removal. And quite frankly, I'm up for any method of hair removal that means I don't have to shave (because who has time to shave?). I'm currently undergoing laser hair removal on my underarms and quite frankly it's amazing to see the change over the past 24 weeks (a session every 6 weeks). 

Pain wise, it's definitely not painless and if you are aware of being particularly sensitive, I'd suggest preparing yourself. Fortunately, as I've only had my underarms done, it's a fairly small area so it literally takes no more than a couple of minutes each side. As a sensation, it feels like I'm being snapped with a rubber band, which quite frankly doesn't sound too bad but when it's done continuously, it stings. But it's honestly worth it.

Over the past 24 weeks I've noticed definite changes. When I started out, I probably had to shave every 2-3 days and even when I was "freshly" shaved, there was a slight shadow on my underarms. After the first two sessions, I didn't really notice a dramatic change other than that I didn't have to shave as regularly. Following sessions, hair growth was always slower but it was still there. But after the fourth session, it was quite a significant change in that the shadow had all but disappeared and hair growth had essentially stopped. Any hair growth subsequent to this was very fine and hardly noticeable. 

By the sixth session, there was hardly any pain - there was still discomfort because there was a laser pointed at my skin (duh), but it was just that. The lady who did it for me even made a comment on how quickly the hair has responded.

As a whole, the process seems long (I have two more sessions), and fairly tedious but I can honestly say that thus far, I've noticed a definite difference. Fortunately to start with, I'm not massively hairy but if this is something you have to deal with, I'd suggest looking into it. 

If you're based in Manchester or the North West, I'd highly suggest going with Laser Chic Manchester which is located in Didsbury Village (easily accessible by public transport or car) as the experience has been wonderful. The staff are lovely and I've felt so comfortable there. Laser Hair removal can be done pretty much anywhere from bikini to legs to arms etc, so it's definitely worth considering which bit would make the most difference for you (or if you want it all done!)

Have you had Laser Hair Removal before? What's your experience been like? If not Laser Hair Removal, what option of hair removal do you go for?