The Anti-Haul #1.

I've been bloody loving Sharmtoaster's blog lately (amazing for skincare stuff~) and one thing she regularly does are anti-hauls. And in the spirit of budgeting, I decided to gain some #inspo and do something similar on here.

So let's talk about things that I won't be buying and why.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. If you spend your afternoons mindlessly browsing Instagram's explore page, then you're likely to have spotted countless beauty instagrammers using this gold flecked oil. But I don't get it. It looks very much like a gimmick and I really don't understand how flecks of gold are going to truly get my skin glowy aside from looking like I've used a patchy highlighter. I think I'll wait for the hype to die down and for some honest reviews to come out. But I won't be parting with any cash anytime soon.

Rainbow Highlighters. An Etsy shop instantly sold out when these hit the ole' waves of instagram and now every brand and their mother has come out with their own version and maybe I'm too old for 'rainbow' products but I don't get it. Firstly, unless you used a square brush, the colours would all merge together anyway so it's not even like you're going to end up with a rainbow on your cheeks. And secondly, I don't want rainbows on my cheeks. It should come as no surprise that I love a golden or champagne bronzer and unless there's a shift in the beauty world, rainbow highlights are nothing more than a gimmick.

Unicorn Everything. First Unicorn brushes, then Tarte Make Believe in Yourself, now TooFaced Unicorn Tears. I don't get it. I genuinely think I'm starting to get old but what is the big obsession with unicorn themed makeup collections? Personally, I don't think brushes that look like Unicorn's horns look sensible and the best idea and the makeup is simply colourful and I don't really need that range of colours in my collection.

GlamGlow Gravity Mud. This is the peel off blue/silver/gold masks that every youtuber seems to be using before they apply their makeup and once again, I don't like the idea. I've tried peel off masks before and to be honest, they hurt like a bitch to remove. For my skin, peel off masks seem way too drying and very much a temporary fix for tightening. I think again, this is very much a novelty thing as opposed to there being true science behind the masks. This combined with the fact that GlamGlow masks haven't done anything remarkable to my skin means that having a metallic face isn't a reason to part with serious amounts of money. No thanks, hun.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. I love highlighters and even after a huge makeup clear out, I kept loads because I bloody love them. But whilst some of the Anastasia Glow Kits appeal, this one just doesn't make sense. To be honest, three of the shades look like shiny blushes and two look like bronzers and the only other option is so pale, it would look dreadful on. Whilst this seems a good option if you're a makeup artist and need a lot of shades, I won't be buying a kit where even the lightest shade may be hit or miss. Also, even if you did treat the three pink shades as blushers, they'd be waaaayyyy too shiny on your cheeks so it's a no go from me. Personally, I feel like Anastasia Beverly Hills are going OTT on the Glow Kits and the hype is very very quickly dying as they keep churning them out. No thanks.

So there we have it, a very highlighter heavy anti-haul. This was SO much fun to write so please let me know if you enjoyed it and of course, go and check out Sharmtoaster's as hers are brilliant.

Are there any hyped products you won't be buying?