Swimming; How it helps you stay fit and healthy.


Swimming as you know is a very fun activity and sport and also one of the best aerobic exercises. What you might not know however is that there are many health benefits that go alongside swimming and it is also an effective exercise in helping to keep your body fit. Here are some important benefits of swimming:

- Swimming Boosts The Health of The Heart: Regular swimming helps to increase the health and function of your heart by raising your heart rate and also working on the large muscle groups in your heart. 

- Helps You To Maintain a Healthy Body Weight: Swimming is a very good exercise that helps you to burn calories fast and at such helping you to get rid of excess fat and weight in your body. Only an hour of swimming is capable of helping you burn about 744 calories. Regular swimming for at least 3 hours to 4 hours in a week can help you to always burn excess fat in your body and make your body maintain fitness. 

- It Helps You To Build Your Muscle Strength: Swimming is a great aerobic exercise for the entire body which provides an amazing level of muscle strength. It works on the whole, right from sculpting your back to toning your arms and this works for the whole body muscles at once rather than concentrating on specific body parts. 

- Swimming Helps You To Destress: Swimming help you to alleviate stress as it is usually a relaxing experience no matter the type of stress, be it stress from your work or stress from home or even arising from internal factors, a good 30 minutes swim might be all you need to relieve yourself of the stress. 

- Swimming Helps Your Body to Fight Diseases: Swimming is a form of cardiovascular workout which lowers the risk of contracting diseases for your body like diabetes and even heart burns. 

- Swimming Helps To Boost The Functioning Of Your Lungs: Swimming is very beneficial to the health of the lungs as it helps to improve the lung volume. This helps us to breathe better, it also helps in reducing some symptoms of asthma like breathing through the mouth, snoring, etc. 

- Swimming also helps in slowing down the effects of aging on you by reducing blood pressure, increasing the body muscle mass, etc. These things help in making you look younger by reducing the process of ageing. 

Some other general benefits of swimming are: 

- It is Friendly To The Bones And Joints: Swimming is very friendly to the bones and joints especially when you are recovering from an injury or fracture. It is safer to swimming than to involve in other sports. Swimming also helps in building your bones to be stronger. 

- It Is Refreshing And Fun: Something unique about swimming as an exercise and sport is that it is very fun and refreshing to engage in, it is just like playing a game in the SCR888 - unlimited fun!

- Swimming can also be very cost effective compared to other sports and exercises as all you need is just your swimming suit and water. 

- Swimming helps the skin look fresh: Imagine spending a lot of time in water and it's effect on your skin. Water is a very good skin treatment that helps your skin to stay fresh and glowing. Salt water also helps in curing some skin diseases. So, instead of wasting much money on creams and expensive skin treatment lotions, why not get your swimming suit on! 

Ellie Dickinson