An Interior Autumn Refresh


With the leaves starting to turn orange and yellow, and the mornings taking on a distinctively crisper feel, now is the perfect opportunity to update your interiors with tones of the season! I thought I’d break down my five favourite ways to update your interiors and start to prepare for the cooler months.

Incorporate Texture.

As it starts to get colder, including thick knit blankets and throws into your home can be a great way of not only creating a cosy environment but also means you have plenty of warmth to snuggle into when it gets cold! I must have about 3 throws in my room that I use to adorn my bed and chair and they add a different texture to the room. You can also add texture by changing your curtains or trying a blind style with Direct Blinds.

Try the Colours of the Season.

Mustard is a serious colour of the moment and what better time of year to incorporate it than Autumn? If you’re on a budget and want a cheaper way to update your interior, try a mustard velvet throw cushion or a few accessories in this colour! I’m a huge fan of the yellow toned plaid trend so why not add some of this in to your room?

Go full on seasonal.

If you love decorating for each season, you could even go a bit more literal! Why not pick up some decorative pumpkins or a leaf decoration to incorporate into your home? There are loads of autumn themed decorations available on the market for cheap so why not build up an accessory bank for the season.

Update the scent wardrobe.

I must have about 4 or 5 candles on the go as well as an essential oil diffuser, and I find that with the seasons, I like changing my scents! Whilst in Summer I prefer fresh citrus fragrances, in Autumn, I’m all about the Vetiver, Sandalwood and pine. As it is much cooler, now is the perfect opportunity to use candles without overheating!

Switch up your bedding.

Again, with a change in temperature, you may find that the cotton sheets you favoured in Summer just aren’t doing the trick anymore. I love brushed cotton or jersey fabrics that will not only keep you warm but they’re just so cosy.

With Autumn on the horizon, what are some of your favourite seasonal updates?

Ellie Dickinson