The Ultimate "Under £25" Gift Guide

I genuinely struggle to think of someone other than my parents who deserves a gift with a greater value than £30 because let's face it, unless you're rolling in cash, Christmas is expensive enough without the expectations to buy all your friends gifts that ooze wealth. I'm a firm believer that Christmas isn't purely about the money spent but is also about the thought put into the gift -- which is why I made all my friends gingerbread last year. So this is a bit pricier than homemade (delicious) gingerbread but ideal if you have a bit more to spend for family or friends.

It's not Christmas without some sort of body care set and this Caudalie Body Butter Christmas Set (£22) elevates your standard Boots offerings, adding a bit more luxury to your shower routine. The box itself is gorgeous with soft plums and gold foil which makes it ideal for a special someone. At £22, it's definitely not unaffordable and considering the contents are worth far more than that, I great nab for a pressie.

Soap&Glory certainly make their presence known at #Glitzmas so the fact that I've included this Foam and For-Tune (£16) should really be unsurprising. Although Soap&Glory is a go to for many, their Christmas sets add a little something-n-something to otherwise boring gift sets. One of the best parts to this set has to be the little sing song that plays when you press the lid - so kitch but so very Soap&Glory. The tin is ram packed full of products and of course a loofah but I can see the tin coming in handy for storing bath products or Lush bath bombs.... 

If you really don't have much to spend, I love the idea of spending a couple of pounds on a toiletry bag like this one from Primark (£3) and filling it with a couple of bottles of nail polish or a few sweets. Like I said before, Christmas is definitely about the gesture as opposed to the monetary value of a gift. This is ideal if you have a few friends to buy for as the bag above was only £3, so you can do gifts on the cheap.

Again, on the cheaper side of things, I love personalised gifts like this mug. Monogram mugs (£8) are readily available and filled with sweets or candy canes and wrapped in tissue paper, they're great presents for family or friends when you have lots of gifts to buy. This mug was £8 from Marks and Spencer but there are loads of cheaper versions out there - I've seen some in Poundland. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without things you don't need but just want which is why this Unwash Try Me Kit (£20) would be a fab #treatyoself gift for someone in your life who deserves a bit of a pamper. Packed with three different cleansing conditioners for different times, this is a nice little gift for someone who could do with an evening off. Cleansing conditioners are a really gentle way to cleanse dry hair without drying it out so perhaps a gal with coloured hair?

So what do you think of some of my choices for Christmas? Anything spike your interest?