Essential Beauty Tools

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There's no other way to put it that saying that these are honestly my essential beauty tools, note not brushes - that's to come. But ugly tools, the things you might not normally see on blogs because they're not always too pretty.

But starting with eyebrows. I was blessed with the hindrance of dark chaotic brows (thanks Dad) that if it was up to them, I'd have a monobrow. No joke. So tweezers are very important to me and after a long term relationship with my Tweezerman tweezers, I've parted ways and now am obsessed with Rubis Stainless Steel Tweezers. I spotted these about 6 months ago on Cult Beauty and after reading loads of reviews, I bit the bullet. Apparently the story behind these is that they used to be used in watch factories in Switzerland and were soon snatched up by the beauty industry. They're perfect for little fine hairs as well as they are so sharp. 10/10. Tweezerman, I'm over you. 

As an avid contact lens wearer, I often struggle with dry eyes so eyedrops are something I carry around on a daily basis. A recent discovery has to be Rohto Cool Eye Drops which are ideal for sleepy mornings, hungover mornings, 9 am lectures or dry eyes. You get my drift. They contain something minty that really wakes you up and refreshes your eyes. It's SO weird as it almost stings (but it doesn't) but once you get used to them, they're incredible. Ideal for just about any morning situation.

I have very fine thick hair which kinks very easily so when I spotted these invisibobble knockoffs in Primark (6 for £1ish), I leapt for the display. They're brilliant. Ideal for mid day hair up situations and leave my hair kink free and the same shape as before. The pack of six includes clear ones, brown and black ones so something for everyone!

And finally, a dual pencil sharpener. This is an essential and I honestly don't know where I'd be without it as Murphy's law says that you'll need it for both normal and jumbo pencils. Basic but something that is often forgotten. Get on it.

What are some of your essential beauty tools?