Nail Polish to put a "Spring" in Your Step

I'm sorry for the title but I couldn't resist. 

With the sun popping out far more regularly, it was time to wave goodbye to Essie's Wicked and say hello to colours that actually made me think of Spring. But don't worry, I'm not here to hit you with twelve different pastels. Also, not a sponsored post but Essie is bloomin' brilliant and these are literally my go to colours. And the brush is brilliant. Love it.

A long standing favourite has to be Essie Maximillian Strasse Her which is such a unique pale green grey shade that isn't too much colour that it distracts from a perfectly chic monochrome outfit but is enough to remind you that Winter is slowly disappearing. Hooray!

For my darker days, I will always love Essie Cashmere Bathrobe which is a deep blue grey with a slight glitter which means it doesn't chip easily. It's a fantastic colour and something which is just a little bit different.

And onto the cliche pinks. First off has to be Essie Fiji which looks incredible with a tan (wishful thinking) as it's the ideal white toned pink. Very much Barbie baby pink, it's fab for a low maintenance manicure as it's not too obvious that you're wearing loads of nail polish. And then onto Essie Perennial Chic which is a gorgeous peachy nude that once again is welcoming in spring whilst avoiding showing too many chips. Because I'm so pale at the moment it does look slightly orange on my skin tone which is a spring of colour (no pun intended) to my typically black outfits.

What are your go to spring nail polish colours?