Preserving Memories with CanvasChamp


After 3 weeks on the beach and in the sun, it's quite a shock being back in Manchester - especially when the view from my room is no longer the beach... And as brilliant as social media is as a reminder, there's something wonderful about having a tangible piece to constantly remind me of a great time. Which is what this print is.

You may recognise this picture from my blog post on my time in Lombok, and it's possibly one of my favourite pictures ever from the trip. It's taken from a viewpoint and looks over Tanjung Aan beach in South Lombok. The beach was stunning and the picture really shows not only the white sandy beach but the variance of blues in the ocean!

With the help of CanvasChamp I turned this photo into a canvas! I went for the 12x12 option without the laminate, for a more matte effect. And I love it! Not only is a consistent memory of my holiday, but it looks incredible in this blue room and acts as a piece of beachy art! The quality of the print upon the canvas is really high. Of course, it has the texture one would expect from a canvas but there are plenty of other materials and options to print your picture on!

Although it's obviously always been a possibility, I've never thought to preserve a memory like this and it's a wonderful ide! It would be a fantastic way to print a treasured memory like a wedding or a child's birthday - something that you'll be able to look back on forever!

CanvasChamp is really reasonably priced and prices start from £3.89 - so very affordable.

What do you think of the print? Is this something you'd do?

Ellie Dickinson