8 of the Best Basket Bags on eBay (£15 or less)

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I love eBay. It's a 98% reliable way to get copies or 'inspired' versions of trendy bags, and if you're prepared to wait for the 3-week wait, most trend-driven items can be bought for cheap! With basket bags really being a key trend for the summer, I decided to share some of my secrets and share my favourite basket bags that are on eBay - and all of them are less than £15!

This Vintage Net Bucket Bag is an obviously similar version to the crazy expensive Staud version. The bag is priced at £13.88 for something so trend is driven, it's a great way to be in fashion without having to spend the earth! These are so street style and edgy, and will work for all of this Summer or any beach holidays you may have!

If your style is quite chic and put together, then this Bamboo Retro Handbag is quite a slick way to edge into the basket bag trend. Again, this is similar to a well-known designer version, but will only set you back £14.49 instead of hundreds. I love this and think it's the perfect put together basket bag! 

For less of a 'gappy' basket bag, this Straw Bag with Wooden Handles is a great option! It almost looks like it's made from raffia so this is perfect as more of a heavy use bag. This would be ideal if you're going on holiday and will be carting around a camera or things that are slightly more valuable. Again this feels quite chic and not too boho, so it's worth taking into account your personal style first!

You may have spotted the frequent appearance of a round basket bag on my Instagram. Unfortunately, as this was bought on the beach in Lombok, I can't link it. But this Round Bali Style Bag is a great alternative! There are loads of round basket bags out at the moment on the high street, but they often retail for £30. This bag is £18.99 but is great quality and has free shipping.

If you like a bit of a fun pop for your bags, then this Round Bucket Bag with Embroidery is a great shout! I love the embroidered pineapple and think it would be a great shout if you like vibrant or bright colours! They would look great on Instagram.

Which one of these are your favourites? Are you going to pick up any of them?