The Guide to Christmas Fragrance Gifts


Tis the season to be seriously thinking about your Christmas presents! Whether this means making a list of your own or working out what you’re going to buy for friends and family, it’s important to start considering whos getting what! So I’ve compiled my list of fragrance themed gifts for a loved one in your life!

A Fragrance & Body Wash Combo

This may be slightly cliche, but I love those fragrance and body wash combinations that seem to only come out at Christmas time! They’re not only a great way to discover a new fragrance but they also allow you to layer the scent which means it lasts much longer! They’re also priced really well and often offer savings.

A fragrance cracker.

Beauty Christmas crackers only seem to have become popular in the past few years but I’m into it. They often retail at around £20 and offer mini fragrance sizes. Again, perfect for a friend or a secret Santa gift, these are ideal if you have a smaller budget. They’re festive, fun and if you’re lucky, offer a joke!

Their favourite scent.

If you know their favourite scent, why not treat them with a full size of it? Christmas is the time for giving and a gift like this is perfect for treating someone who may not normally buy things like this - that way it’s incredibly special and memorable! I’m a big fan of Miller Harris Fragrances as they’re decidedly luxurious and have a uniqueness to them which means you don’t smell like everyone else!

A Discovery Set.

Christmas is the ideal time of year to discover a new fragrance as most fragrance houses will release discovery kits which offer samples of each perfume! To truly know if a perfume suits you or not, wear it for 30 minutes. A scent discovery set is a perfect way to discover what works for you, without having to spend too much money! Depending on the brand, these can either be 2ml or slightly larger so are great to keep on hand for a handbag fragrance for all those Christmas parties! The choice is yours!

Do you ever buy fragrance based gifts for Christmas? Are your choices budget based or do you have a type you go for?

Ellie Dickinson