Winter Fashion Essentials


It may be because I’m up North, but it’s getting seriously chilly to the point where wearing my thermals daily is pretty regular. And it’s also the time of year where my inbox ends up flooded with ‘new in’ emails that can be pretty difficult to navigate. So I’ve put together my guide to winter essentials and what you genuinely need for the upcoming season!

A Winter Coat.

This may be a bit of a given but with so many trend-driven items on the market, it can be hard to differentiate between what looks good and what is practical. I always look for coats that have a fur-style lining or are made from natural fibres like wool. Both of my smart style coats are wool based and lined so really retain the warmth, but I also have a faux suede, faux fur lined aviator jacket that is incredibly warm. I always suggest having at least one coat that is knee length as this will keep you much warmer when temperatures drop!

Decent trousers.

I feel slightly guilty writing this as I almost always wear leggings, but proper trousers make such a difference in the warmth factor! On particularly cold days, I’d encourage wearing a pair of leggings or tights underneath as layers really trap the warmth! Trousers are very on trend, so there’s no chance of losing any fashion-savvy status! Damart is a great option for a variety of styles of trousers - ideal for this season!


The fact that I’ve mentioned thermals at least twice in this post already should be clue enough to show how much I rely upon them! Thermal socks, thermal tights, thermal leggings… You name it, I’ve got it! I mainly tend to gravitate towards thermals that offer warmth and cooling technology as this means that you don’t sweat too much if the temperature suddenly changes! Once again, it’s about looking for natural, breathable fabrics.

Well soled shoes.

Practically no longer means sacrificing style as there are plenty of shoes on the market that offers warmth and has a proper sole. This may seem an incredibly boring concept but after slipping multiple times in poorly soled boots, it’s not worth it! My winter boot tends to be a chunky soled Chelsea Boot which is timeless and guarantees that my feet stay warm and dry all season!


Integrating layers into your wardrobe very much manifest itself in a few forms, from aforementioned thermals to a thick hat and scarf. If I’m ever out in the evening, I always carry a scarf and woolly hat just in case. This really guarantees that you stay warm and again allows you to layer up!

What are you winter fashion essentials? Is there anything that I’ve missed?

Ellie Dickinson