How the Clothes You Wear Can Change Your Life for the Better

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Image via Pixabay

Everyone knows that clothes are fun, and picking out a good outfit on a weekend shopping trip can make your day — if not also your week, or even month. Hey, sometimes we have to take what we can get when work’s feeling like a drag.

The thing is, the clothes you wear aren’t just about keeping you warm, and they’re not even just about helping you to feel sexy and positive about life.

In fact, the kinds of clothes you wear can totally transform your life in a whole variety of ways, and turn you from someone who is currently caught in a bit of a rut, into someone who is living their best life, becoming their best self, and getting the absolute most out of every day.


So, if any of that sounds at all intriguing to you — and if you’re looking for any extra excuses to do some clothes shopping — here are just a few ways in which the clothes you wear can change your life.

By making you more comfortable and healthier than you ever imagined

A lot of people move from one day to the next in a state of chronic stress, tension, and anxiety, often suffering from a host of negative conditions that they might not even be aware of.

Believe it or not, but stress isn’t just something that exists in the mind. Whenever we experience stress, our bodies release a cascade of what we call “stress hormones” — mostly the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol levels can be spiked by something as simple as being moderately uncomfortable, physically speaking, on a regular basis, and can lead to serious health conditions, depression, and even organ damage.

By buying comfy clothes, like bamboo socks, you might become happier and more comfortable than you could have imagined.

By helping to advance your career significantly

There’s that old saying that goes “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. Although it’s easy to make a bunch of jokes about this (think someone turning up their job as a McDonald's fry cook wearing as $1000 suit with a gold watch), there’s also a lot of wisdom behind the idea.

The bottom line is that people judge each other, to a large degree, based on what they wear.

If you dress in elegant, professional clothes, and take care of your presentation, you may find that doors start opening for you that were closed before.

By boosting your confidence and encouraging you to meet life head-on

When you wear an outfit that makes you feel your best, it’s not just that you’re happy for a while. Instead, your entire orientation towards life can change, quite dramatically, for the better.

When your confidence is boosted — as it generally is when you’re wearing something that makes you feel good — you’re more likely to have a positive attitude towards life in general, and you’re far more likely to put yourself out there and seize upon the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Needless to say, meeting life head-on in this way can bring with it plenty of benefits.

Ellie Dickinson