Staying Healthy in The Office

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Having recently started a 9-5 office job, I realise how lucky I was with my degree. As my degree was heavily reading based, it meant that I was hardly in Uni, hence making food and eating healthy a breeze. But being in an office with vending machines a plenty, the temptation is definitely there especially when sometimes only a donut can really cut it... I'm sure you know the feeling...

Gym before work.

I find a 9-5 unbelievably draining and by the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. So I've been forcing myself to go to the gym in the morning and have been loving it. Whilst the 5:30am alarm did take a bit of getting used to, there's nothing like the satisfaction of getting in a sweaty workout before the day has even started. My gym has an amazing range of morning classes which means that even if motivation is lacking, I can head to a spin class and still get a good sweat on.


This sounds so obvious but I know of so many gals in the office who go to the gym before work and then skip breakfast or opt for a meal replacement shake. No thanks. I know from personal experience that I'm rarely hungry after a workout but I tend to bring a banana or a yoghurt (I'm obsessed with Kiko Dairy Free Strawberry) to eat so I have something a bit more substantial. 

Infused Water.

For a long time, I used to buy bottles of lemon juice for baking and add it tablespoons of it to my water to force myself to drink, but it started to wear away enamel so I needed another solution. So I infuse my water. Depending on what I have in, I sometimes slice up a bit of lemon or some mint and it makes water far more interesting. I bought myself a sippy 750ml water bottle from Primark (£2.50) and combined with "exciting" water, I manage to hydrate myself far more successfully than usual. If you work in an office, hydration is so important as offices & air-conditioning are incredibly drying. (Ideally I try to drink 5-6 bottles of water a day).

Snacky fruit.

Having healthy snacks on hand is essential. I often find myself needing a sugar source and whilst a tube of Fruit Pastilles is often unbelievably appealing, having a tub of blueberries or strawberries on hand makes for an ideal alternative. (Candyfloss Grapes in summer are also an amazing snack!). 

Pretend Chocolate.

Okay - I totally didn't know how to phrase this but I'm a huge fan of yummy sweet bars like Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownies* or Protein Boost bars*. They're made with a base of dates which makes them really gooey and sweet so they feel far more unhealthy than they actually are. I work in an office that often ends up with donuts and cake so having a healthy alternative makes it easier to say no! Of course never deprive yourself but I definitely don't need daily donuts in my life. (I'm obsessed with Pulsin Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie - basically a Reeses bar).

Carby lunches.

I used to try and bring a salad for lunch but realised that it just wasn't giving me what I need especially when the canteen offers cheesy chips.... So I realised I needed something else in my lunches to make them that bit more appealing. A current favourite has been cous cous mixed with diced avocado which is so delicious yet healthy. I also love adding a packet of 'good' crisps like Sunbites or Lentil curls which aren't ideal but help stay away from Quavers. It's finding what works for you. 

So there you have it - some of my fave ways to stay on track at the office. What are some of your favourite options? Any recommendations?