Colour Pop Haul + Review (UK Shipping)

So this is my first ever Colour Pop Haul and I feel like I've been a bad beauty blogger for taking this long to finally bite the bullet and order from them. 

When I saw a tweet about free International shipping from Colour Pop, I was on the website in a flash and mindlessly started adding products to my basket. In hindsight, I should have probably done a bit more research and actually decided to go for certain products as opposed to thinking "oooh pretty colour. *adds to basket*" But now I have them, it's quite nice to have bought products that I might not have gone for ordinarily.

Colour Pop's standout products seem to be their eyeshadows and matte lipsticks and of course, I had to nab a highlight as well. So apart from the £15 customs fee (ouch), here's the lowdown.

The eyeshadows:

So instead of choosing individual eyeshadows, I went for the Zingara set which included four eyeshadows that were wonderfully Autumnal and right up my street. The shadows are all so buttery they could almost be a cream shadow. But let's talk through the individual shadows first. First was Jinxie which is the most pigmented golden shade. It looks foiled when mixed with Fix+ but even alone, is so creamy that it really packs a punch. Then Elixir which is a rusty/orange colour that just screams Autumn. I'm a big fan of colours like these as they're fairly natural whilst still adding something else. Seeker is an almost Burgundy colour which is so outside of my comfort zone but a little bit in the outer corner looks incredible and I'm obsessed. So pigmented and buttery, I would really recommend building it up as it's so pigmented that too much product can look just too much.... And then Paradox which is fairly similar to Seeker but more purple toned. I've always been a bit apprehensive about purple colours but this is surprisingly wearable - I wouldn't wear it all over my lid, but I swap it with Seeker for a different look. If these two weren't in a set, I probably wouldn't go for both separately.

And then onto the highlight. I was instantly drawn to Lunch Money which is an almost cool toned gold which reminds me so much of Laura Gellar Gilded Honey. It's very bold so it's definitely a full-face of makeup highlight but I'm so excited to wear this more! It's so pigmented to I apply it with a fan brush to avoid having highlight streaks.

The Ultra Matte Lips:

I love a good matte lipstick so nabbing some of these was a no brainer. The formula is a little drying but is nothing that a swipe of lipbalm can't prevent. Being a nude queen, I reached for Bianca first which is the perfect pale nude. It looks so much like my natural lip colour and sits so nicely. I love it as it's so wearable especially for looks where I want a lil bit of lipstick but not too much that it feels foreign. Donut was my next go to as it's a slightly coral toned matte lipstick. I'm all about coral tones in the summer so when I go on holiday in December I'm quite excited about breaking out the oranges/corals! It's not too bright that it's unwearable but I adore them. Then onto Love Bug which is a bit out there for me as it's almost a rust colour but feels very 60's. I love pairing this with bold liquid liner and an otherwise basic face as it looks so cool and chic. Very Alexa Chung circa 2010. And finally, More Better which is a vibrant pink/purple. It's so bold and berry toned but I'm so excited about wearing it more this winter when I break out those layers. 

So there you have it, I bloody love Colour Pop. Have you tried any products? What are some of your favourites?