Travel Hacks with Hassle

***This is a collaborative post.

I'm a HUGE fan of travel. Since my family moved abroad when I was young, getting on a plane became as normal as hopping on the bus so after fourteen years of getting to know airports like the back of my hand, it's quite easy to get into the swing of things so that travelling becomes second nature.

Hassle have put together this handy infographic to save you hours of trawling through constant blog posts & youtube videos (although packing videos are SUCH a guilty pleasure of mine) to provide you the do's and don'ts of travelling.

From airport preparation to packing tips and tricks, it's all here for you!

In case you didn't know, Hassle is a new service (available in Manchester too!) to help you find trusted cleaners. Whether it's a spring clean or an autumn clear out, there are loads of options available to take the hassle out of cleaning that oven (do you like my pun?)

What do you think of the infographic?

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