Cool Sculpting at Pulse Light Clinic


You may remember about a year ago when I posted on my experience with Cryotherapy and how surprised I was with the results!

And Pulse Light Clinic, based in London, are now offering Fat Freezing & Cool Sculpting services.

The idea behind it is fairly similar to Cryotherapy in that it uses Cryolipolysis to reduce fat cells without the need for surgery. The fat is frozen using a CoolSculpting pack for an hour and then the fat cells are flushed away. All without the need to go to the gym!

It can be used for pretty much any problem areas including the tummy, chin, back etc. You name it, it can be done!

Pulse Light clinic have two clinics, one in the heart of London on Tottenham Court Road (W1T 1DG) and the other on Bank/Liverpool Street (EC3M 1EB). For more details, they can be found here.

You can get in touch with their Tottenham Court Road Clinic at 0207 205 4085 and their Bank/Liverpool Street at 0207 523 5158.

This is a collaborative post.