The Spring Scandi Home Style Overhaul & GIVEAWAY #StartTheSwedishWay

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There's something about the clean lines and minimalist details of Scandi style that just speaks to me. Because I rent and share with other people, my bedroom is really the only space that is entirely mine. Of course I have limitations with regards to the wall colour but you gotta work with what you got!

But if you're in a rental property, here's how you can create a new Spring & Scandi inspired look for your room without doing anything that your landlord would disapprove of!

Muted and Plain Colours.

I'm a big advocate of white bedding. Although many shudder at the thought, it's far easier to look after than any other colours as it's so easy to wash with bleach to brighten it up! I'm all about the #HotelBedAesthetic so white bedding and a mix of standard pillows with large square ones really makes my bed so much more comforting. A good website for finding colour can be

Natural Tones and Fibres.

If you've ever searched 'Scandi Style' on Pinterest, you'll know that almost every drool worthy picture has loads of greenery. Whether it's an assortment of potted plants, or fresh bunches of flowers - it's an awesome way to add a bit of life to the space! I have several potted plants but I adore these blush coloured Peonies that sit on my bedside table.

You may have noticed that I also have covered my arm chair with a grey fluffy throw which is an ideal way to transform any furniture that might not be to your taste! 

Touches of Colour.

Because I have a lot of white in my room, I've tried to incorporate a few touches of colour and have well and truly hopped on the millenial/blush pink trend. I have a throw pillow in a soft pink, and recently DIY'd my mirror by painting over what used to be dark wood with a pale pink chalk paint. As these are just items, it means that they're easy to swap out in the event of a future trend change.

And of course, Hygge.

Hygge is basically all about the comfort, hence why I make sure I have a little set up for kicking back. I don't really have a dedicated sitting room but because I have the comfy chair in my room, I try and force myself to leave my bed and sit there. Because it's been warm and sunny lately, there's been nothing better than kicking back with a Rekorderlig Cider. It's such a Summer drink. As we're approaching Midsummer (the 24th of June), which is a Swedish celebration of Summer, it seemed appropriate to incorporate a few Swedish details into my home life. I'm a big fan of the Strawberry and Lime flavour which just tastes so refreshing and would be incredible at a Summer BBQ. I'm also loving the Passionfruit flavour which reminds me so much of my time in Thailand.

The Giveaway! (Ends on the 25th of June at Midnight GMT)

To win a £250 voucher for Hus and Hem, which is so drool worthy and interior #goals, read the below on how to enter.

For a chance to win, follow Rekorderlig on Instagram and post a photo showing how you’re starting summer the Swedish way using #StartTheSwedishWay, tagging @rekorderligcider and @elliegdickinson. Terms and conditions apply:

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.

Don't forget to drink responsibly.