The Search for the ULTIMATE Cruelty Free Mascara

When I wrote about my current cruelty free makeup, one thing you'd notice is that there was no mascara included, because I couldn't find one that I genuinely liked. There were ones that did the job, there were mascaras that were fine but I needed something that I genuinely wanted to wear -- a mascara that worked as well, if not better than my beloved Maybelline (which I knew was definitely not cruelty free). Full disclosure: I haven't quite gone fully cruelty free (as a beauty blogger, it would be pretty tricky) but for my own self satisfaction, I wanted to fill this mascara void.

So when I happened, by chance, to stumble across The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara, I wasn't expecting much. But it's brilliant. I love makeup from the Body shop, it's not something I would typically go for just because it requires a specific trip to the store as opposed to being in Boots or Superdrug. But I like how natural it is and of course, Cruelty free. 

The brush is very different to what I normally go for - it's a fibre ribbed brush but it works! The texture of the actual mascara isn't quite as gloopy as my Maybelline version but due to the fibre brush, it really coats your lashes nonetheless. 

I find I need two to three coats of mascara to achieve the full effect but due to the texture of the mascara itself, it doesn't go gloopy or clumpy which is ideal. My only qualm is that I can't seem to see if they have a waterproof version which would obviously be ideal.

Do you have any cruelty free drugstore favourites? Please feel free to let me know!