Two New Hair Favourites

I'm not a hair girl. They say you either care about your hair or your skin, and I'm certainly the latter. Believe me, if I suited it, I would probs have a pixie cut. Honestly. But I do try (sometimes). 

But I've discovered two products that I think have really helped make a difference in my hair, from care to styling it.

Olaplex is not a new thing. Back when I had my hair balayaged, my hairdresser used Olaplex to prevent it getting damaged from too much bleach so I knew how good it was. I was given the home treatment and that is when the love affair started. It's a bit of a bizarre texture as it's quite runny but I love applying it and then sitting in the steam room at my gym as I find this makes the biggest difference. I simply don't have the patience to sit at home with a shower cap on but I think the heat actually helps, so hey, I'm not complaining. It's a pre-shampoo treatment and I let it sit for as long as possible, which is normally about 30minutes and it definitely makes a difference. It softens the ends of my hair (where the bleach is) and definitely has made it far more manageable. I would highly highly recommend giving this a go if you have coloured or dry hair. It's really worth trying.

And then for a product I desperately tried to avoid because, well, the full-sized product is £40.... *Gulps*. But I managed to get sent a little version as part of a beauty box and since then, I've been rationing it out oh so carefully. It's the incredible Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. I now know why it's so popular. It has the perfect amount of hold and texture than means my hair doesn't go flat the second I leave the house. It's simply wonderful and I genuinely am so upset that it's so expensive. Like I said, I've been rationing it and have only used it twice but I'm looking forward to using it again because I love it. I'm not a huge fan of the smell as it's a bit musty, but the spray is brilliant and you really don't need that much. I've loved using it after I curl my hair as the curls hold but take on a mussed up look which I always aim to achieve. So hey, Oribe, if you're reading this, lifetime supply please?

Are you a hair or skin person? Any hair favourites?