Currently Trialling #2

One of the best things about being a blogger is the excuse to try multiple different products without feeling the slightest bit bad that I now own over 50 different foundations (not really but you get the jist). I'm very diligent with trying products fully - unless something is meant to give you an instant result, I will rarely share anything that I don't truly believe in - even sponsored posts are taken on with the clause that I need to truly believe/love (all of the above) before it makes it onto the blog. So this post does include a reference to a prior post - a retraction, if you will.

Lets start with the awkward bit, the retraction of a statement from this post, where I simply wasn't wowed by the new Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil*. I bloody love this thing. It's surpassed my love for the Soap&Glory Pencil which has been pushed to the back of the drawer. Now, I still stand by the part where the tip is definitely tricky to draw on any precise lines but it's still great. It's the perfect colour - especially as I've now gone an ashier shade of blonde and it's so easy to apply that my brows are done in minutes. Because of the texture of the pencil, you're able to draw a long straight line (which I do to create the shape) without it looking ridiculous. Plus the spooly is brilliant. Who knew I could get passionate about a spooly but it is brilliant. Go out, buy one. Now.

Then onto my foundation combination - I've been trying out the Urban Decay One and Done foundation/BB hybrid which gives the most flawless lightweight finish ever. As Glossier say, skin is in and I love a natural finish. The coverage is buildable which prevents all definition leaving your face but covers up any discolouration perfectly. It's definitely thicker than my favourite bareMinerals Complexion Rescue* but it's equal in my books. Plus I love that it has a pump attached to the tube which is very handy. To give a lighter finish, I've been mixing this with a squirt of the Hylamide Photography Foundationwhich is a white thick liquid that can be worn as a primer or mixed with your foundation and is supposed to give a flawless finish on photos. I wrote about the photo theory hereI find it adds a luminous finish to any foundation as it thins it out somewhat. Love it. I wear it even when I'm not planning on taking pictures of myself.

And finally, the Hourglass Strobe Powder in Brilliant - this may surprise you as I've had it over four months but haven't had the time to wear it consistently to the extent where I've been able to form a particular opinion on it. At the time it landed on my desk, I was head over heels for MAC Soft & Gentle so definitely didn't give it a fair trial. But it's fantastic. It's the most natural-but-definitely-not-natural finish highlight I own. It's perfect for every day as you won't blind anyone but it still gives an amazing radiance. I've been wearing it daily for the past month and have been kicking myself for not getting into it sooner. Plus, the packaging is a dream.

So this is essentially my current beauty routine thrown in there as well. Have you tried any of these? Do you fancy trying any of them?

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